Minister for Planning, Economic Development and Investment, Dr. John Collin McIntyre anticipates that employment opportunities will be generated during the construction of residential units for displaced Petite Savanne residents.

Dr. McIntyre has therefore encouraged Dominicans to take advantage of the opportunities for gainful employment and transfer of skills that will be afforded through the project.

Dr McIntyre was speaking at the Signing Ceremony of the contract between the Dominica government and Montreal Management Consultants Establishment for the construction of the units on June 16, 2016 at the Ministry of Finance’s conference room.

“We assure the unemployed residents of Petite Savanne; skilled and unskilled, that priority will be given to them in the recruitment effort. As with the rest of us, I eagerly look forward to the commencement of work in the coming weeks”.

The project, expected to commence on 1 July 2016 and take twelve months to complete, will be funded under the Citizenship by Investment Program.

Dr McIntyre further informed that local contractors including Anthony LeBlanc and Caribbean Concrete will be sub-contracted on the project.

Chief Executive Officer, Montreal Management Consultants Est, Anthony Haiden.

“I am pretty sure that with the level of expertise and skills we have in Dominica that we can build and build back better. I want to urge every single Dominican who possesses a skill to put yourself forward”.

“We are not going to build the Bellevue Chopin resettlement for the Petite Savanne people at a snail pace speed, we have to move fast. We are in another hurricane season and we know that our beauty is our challenge and hence we must build better and stronger,” the Minister continued.

He described the signing of the contract as an assurance to the Petite Savanne people that the government has taken their peculiar social needs into consideration.

“We will ensure that the new community is built in a safe and sustainable environment with adequate and proper housing, and requisite services including water and sewage disposal, electricity, telephone, internet, roads, drainage and social services”.

“Your government’s commitment remains to build back better and as such the contractors will keep in mind the vulnerabilities unique to Dominica and will employ climate resilient technology during construction,” Dr McIntyre assured the residents.

Meanwhile, Chief Executive Officer of Montreal Management Consultants Establishment, Dr. Anthony Haiden confirmed that the construction of the new residential area in Bellevue Chopin will create hundreds of jobs for the locals.

“We intend to create hundreds of jobs through your local contracting industry and we intend to create tens of jobs through our integrated commercial centers that will form part of the project.”

Dr. Haiden described the project as a very unique one that will greatly benefit the people of Dominica.

“I trust and foresee that in September 30, 2017 that we will hold a press conference in the new community for the people of Petite Savanne,” Dr Haiden stated.