(CBN4)-Displaced residents of Petite Savanne received welcome news from Acting Prime Minister Rayburn Blackmoore yesterday.

During a signing ceremony, Blackmoore announced that plans are underway to develop a housing community in conjunction with a Canada-based company.

“I’m therefore pleased to inform you that today, that your government will be signing an agreement with the Montreal Management Consultants company for the construction of middle income and low-income homes at Bellevue Chopin to resettle 311 families from Petite Savanne who were displaced by this monster storm.”

Blackmoore indicated that 66 1-bedroom units, 135 2-bedroom units, 75 3-bedroom units, and 40 4-bedroom units will be built and officials intend to meet with the residents of Petite Savanne to discuss the proposed plan, and to get their ideas and feedback, some of which will be incorporated.

According to Blackmoore, this development will significantly impact employment in Dominica.

“I have been advised that work will commence on the first day of July 2016, and is expected to extend for a one-year period of time. A minimum of 200 Dominicans will be gainfully employed. I want to say that again. A minimum of 200 Dominicans, inclusive, of course, of subcontractors.”

Anthony Haiden of Montreal Management Consultants stated that the project is unique in that it gives directly to the people of Dominica, and that the company is interested in building more than just living quarters.

“The communities were displaced, left without any homes, and currently faced doubts and uncertainties. We’re not interested in building homes. We’re not interested in building merely scattered homes. We’re interested in developing and building communities, integrated communities, with facilities, conveniences. That’s our vision.”

Blackmoore stated that the survivors of TS Erika have to be commended for their patience in trying times.

“I want, on behalf of the government, to thank the people of Petit Savanne, notwithstanding some of the negative talk you have heard, but the people of Petit Savanne must be commended for demonstrating that sense of patience.”

Residents are expected to move in by September 2017.

Source: http://www.cbn4.com/